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Alison Raby oversees Digital Raign's search strategy, execution, solution set implementation and Legacy generation. She lends decades of search experience, entrepreneurial savvy and a commitment to diversity/inclusion and conscious business to the revolution.

James Hanusa focuses on client engagement, partnerships and organizational strategy for Digital Raign. James brings his future studies, global network and experience in creative industries and technology to the revolution.

Lizzie Kountze focuses on impact initiatives and partner engagement for Digital Raign. A former journalist and strategist in technology for social good strategist with deep experience leading global digital inclusion and network-centered innovation programming, partnership-building and and technology to the revolution.

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ParagonVRThe Esalen InstituteEmerging Future InstituteVortex Immersion MediaToy ShoppeVariable LabsVR Scout and Spiritual VR

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We have developed a larger online community (500 + members) comprised initially of the 80 influencers we curated for the Davos of Reality Industry Immersive Summit we produced at The Esalen Institute in October 2016. This network is active in both a knowledge sharing and research capacity.


Alison Raby

James Hanusa

Lizzzie Kountze

Booking + Press

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Djinn Webber, NYC
+1 212 555 1234


Agent d'Artiste
Renée Carrénard, Paris
+33 (0) 55 5555 0678


Nameless Rep
Gordon Fan, Hong Kong
+852 1234 5678



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