The Journey So Far

—  Inception and Milestones

—  Inception & Milestones


June - Began as 1 week experiment & exploration into the possibilities in VR/AR/MR.

August - Launched Digital Raign and announced the Shifting the Paradigm Summit at the Esalen Institute.

October - Esalen Summit - 80 influencers exploring the intersection of VR, Social Impact & Mindfulness, re-establishing Esalen as the Davos of Reality and our community as the UN of VR through this initial event which is now an annual gathering in Big Sur, CA.

November - Strategy sessions with Dr. Tom Furness, the Grandfather of VR, and partnership planning for his non-profit, Virtual World Society, Esalen Institute partnership established, DiVRsity initiative launched.

December - White House Day Long Workshop on VR + STEM Inclusion, think tank Emerging Future Institute partnership established, DCVR presentation at AARP’s innovation lab, The Hatchery.


We are currently in the process of finalizing our events schedule for the year with our base being built upon the partnership established with the Esalen Institute.

These events include:

May - DiVRsity Summit for 30 women in tech & influencers with a special focus on VR.

September - Reality Summit - 100 influencers in emerging tech, social impact and mental potential.

We have an additional 20+ 50-100 person immersive retreats being evaluated in locations around the world and a conference and think tank developing in the Netherlands in collaboration with top tech and social impact universities: SingularityUBrainportBOM and Lumo Labs

From an activation perspective, we have a fleet of six Airstream 5th wheels and a 34ft mobile Airstream production/immersion studio for experiences, presence and broadcast at conferences and festivals nationwide. We kicked off this initiative successfully in jnuRY 2017 at CES with our prototype Airstream VR Lounge, Nomadic Raign, a VIP experience at VR Fest.


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